05 January 2009

Starting School

Good luck to all children (and parents - we know how hard it is for you too!) who are starting school this week. Don't forget that Littlesheep Learning has lots of resources to help your child - here are our top five recommended products for the rising-5s (as tested by our nearly-5 year old!)
  1. First Experiences: Going to School - this mini Usborne book is a lovely gift for a child starting school to explain what happens in school.
  2. Key Word Fridge Magnets - a great tool for learning key words (we stock the large size as we think they are more easily manipulated by small fingers) .
  3. Number Beanie Bags - fun for all sorts of games to learn about numbers (and reading the written number word).
  4. Triangular Pencil (Slim) - a help for children to ensure they form the correct triangular pencil grip when learning to write (we also stock the Jumbo size pencil for children needing a bigger pencil).
  5. Picture Word Lotto - a brilliant game for reading skills, matching skills, turn-taking and best of all fun!

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