25 January 2009

Operation Play Time - Painting

Operation Playtime's activity for the day is painting.

Painting is a great learning activity - there are so many different things that you can do! You can talk about the colours - name them, mix them together, make them lighter and darker. You can paint on paper on a table or the floor, on an easel or the wall or you can paint objects.

Use different colours, shades and different sized brushes - try painting with rollers or cotton buds. Put the paint on a sponge on an old bowl or plastic tray and print with hands, feet, sponges, wellies, vegetables, fruit, bubble wrap, stickle bricks, pastry cutters, empty kitchen roll tubes or anything else you can find. Put a piece of paper in a biscuit tin and roll a small ball, marble or conker around to make marks. Push cars through paint to make tracks - giant tractor tracks, big small tracks, single motorbike tracks and the diggers caterpillar tracks. Put paint into empty spray bottles and try spray painting (probably best done outdoors!).

Lastly be creative about what you are using as 'paint' - this picture was created by our son out of yoghurt - it's a lady if you can't tell!

1 comment:

Melitsa said...

Now that's a great list of paint ideas. Love the yogurt medium. We were using shaving foam today. House smells minty. lol.