27 September 2007

Bean Bag Learning

We've just added these lovely Letter Beanie Bags - a bean bag for every letter of the alphabet. These lovely bean bags each have letter stitched on - lowercase one side and uppercase on the reverse with the consonants stitched in blue and the vowels in red to help children distinguish between them. Each bean bag measures approximately 7cm and can be stored conveniently in the drawstring cloth bag.

These bean bags join our popular shape, colour and number beanie bags and are ideal for a wide range of letter and phonics games.

As promised on my previous post announcing the arrival of the shape, colour and number beanie bags here are some ideas to use them to make learning fun.
  1. Put the bean bags in their storage bags and take turns to take one out and identify it
  2. Spread the bean bags out and see who can find a specified one first
  3. Match the bean bags to shape, colour, letter or number flashcards
  4. Match the bean bags to objects (and objects to bean bags) - the same shape or colour or starting with that letter sound or the same quantity
  5. Try and put the letter or number bean bags in order
  6. Spread out the number or letter bean bags and using string make a giant dot to dot
  7. Identify colours / shapes / numbers and letters by practicing throwing - throw me the red one, the square one, the number three or the letter f
  8. Seperate the vowels / consonants or odd / even numbers by throwing into seperate hoops

Let me know how you use yours to enhance your child's multisensory learning experience.

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