31 January 2009

Operation Play Time - Sugar Chalk

I'm very sorry to say that I didn't manage to get time to complete today's Operation Playtime task - Sugar Chalk but here is the information so we can try it another day...

Regular chalk drawings smear and smudge but not if you use 'Sugar Chalk' which will stay bold and bright and it won’t smear or smudge!

You will need:
pavement chalk or regular chalk,
construction paper

To make:
Place water and 1/2 cup of sugar in the bowl and stir until it is dissolved.
Place the chalk in the bowl ( make sure the bowl is big enough and there is enough water to cover the chalk.
Let the chalk soak a few hours or overnight.
Take the chalk out and give your child some construction paper and the chalk and them create pretty masterpieces! Black or dark blue construction paper makes the most bold chalk masterpieces but any color will work!!!

This idea and recipe came from the book "First Art" by Mary Ann Kohl.

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