03 January 2009

Listening, Attention and Comprehension (part 1)

A friend has just sent me some great advice about encouraging children to listen / helping them develop listening skills so I thought I'd share it. This first post gives some pointers for giving children information / instructions.

  1. When giving instructions / information use the child's name, check that they have turned and are looking at you and that they have stopped what they are doing before you speak.
  2. Make sure your language is clear - use short sentences, speak slowly and use simple words.
  3. List instructions in the order in which it is to be done.
  4. Don't talk for too long as they may stop paying attention.
  5. Use visual stimuli (including natural gesture if appropriate) where possible to back up the auditory information.
  6. Give children instructions immediately before they are to engage in the activity. Don't make them listen to instructions for others.

I've also got a list of activities to help children develop their listening / auditory processing skills which I'll post another day / later!

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