16 January 2009

Messy Mice

We went to a new activity at the children's centre today - Messy Mice.

The Messy Mice group involves a variety of activities including messy play, glueing, painting, sensory play (e.g. water, jelly, soil) - all the mess without any of the tidying up!

Everything that happens in a Messy Mice class has a purpose. It is more than just mess. Arts, crafts and sensory play in particular are wonderful tools to enhance your child’s: creative, physical and mathematical development, communication, language and literacy, personal, social and emotional development and knowledge and understanding of the world.

Messy play activities like at the Messy Mice group have lots of benefits including self-confidence, creativity, self expression, hand-eye co-ordination, concentration, fine motor skills, problem solving skills, sense of achievement, learning skills, self-esteem and exploring concepts (e.g. colour, form, texture).

At this weeks group there were the following activities:
  • painting
  • playdoh (see here for recipes / ideas)
  • flubber (see here for details)
  • water play
  • runny strawberry angel delight play
  • shredded paper play
  • giant Lego
  • sensory bottles (see here for ideas)
  • giant crayoning (big paper on the floor that children drew on)

Look out for more messy / sensory play ideas soon!

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