23 August 2007

Blog Sitting

What do you do when you have a blog and are going to be without an internet access? Well here is the answer - you find a 'blog sitter'.

For the next few weeks I'm 'blog sitting' for Melitsa at
Play Activites whilst she moves house.

Play-activities is a free and fun educational site which provides a daily or weekly e-mail for parents of children under 5 and a blog full of ideas. Sign up and gain access to a wide range of activities to help your child develop a balanced play life, have fun, and enjoy a good mix of the early childhood skills identified by child health professionals.

Take a look!

22 August 2007

Eight Random Things about Littlesheep Learning

I've never been 'tagged' on my blog before but Melitsa tagged me today to share 8 random things about myself / Littlesheep Learning. I've been meaning to mention Melitsa's site Play Activities and blog for a while - both are packed full of FREE activity ideas for you to play with your children.

Anyway eight random things...

  1. I like numbers / cool dates so Littlesheep Learning was launched on 05.05.05, the revamp was planned for 07.07.07 and launched on 09.08.07!
  2. Littlesheep is one word - and it really annoys me when people (mainly suppliers) correct it for me - the alliteration doesn't work otherwise.
  3. I'm a planner so it takes me ages to make a decision / get anything done.
  4. I like bright RAINBOW colours.
  5. I never thought that I would be running my own business - Littlesheep Learning is definitely mine though!
  6. I studied Occupational Therapy but should done teacher training as I've spent more time teaching!
  7. I have some great (and inspirational work at home mum (WAHM) friends running a huge range of different businesses.
  8. My favourite products are the colour and shape bean bags

Now I just need to find some people to tag...

Anyone else reading this who blogs feel free to be tagged too!

21 August 2007

Media Coverage

I've been busy submitting press releases about the launch of Littlesheep Learning's new site and I'm pleased to announce that it has been published at TreeHugger Mums, see here to have a read.

20 August 2007

Back to School

I know that the weather this summer has been less than ideal holidaying weather but like it or not the school holidays are drawing to a close.

So Littlesheep Learning has a fantastic way of helping you get ready for school...
Spend over £15* before 1st September and get a FREE Back to School Pack containing a
Handhugger Pencil, Handhugger Pen and a pair of scissors**.

* after any discounts and not including P&P
** please specify if you would prefer a pair of left handed scissors

16 August 2007

Fantastic Down Syndrome Advert

A friend just sent me a link to a really positive advert for the Down's Syndrome Association. Take a look!

It reminds me that children are generally very accepting of children with differences. To them it often doesn't matter what their friend 'can't' do they always find something that they can.

15 August 2007


I'm pleased to announce a new competition at Littlesheep Learning. One lucky prize winner will receive a copy of Dotty Dinosaurs.

To enter please answer the following question:
How many dressing skills are in the Fabric Skills Book?

Send your answers by email including your name and address.

Competition Closes at Midnight on Friday 14th September 2007.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

13 August 2007

Walking to School

I saw a report published today by the Institute of European Environmental Policy which blames over-use of cars for fuelling the "twin crises" of global warming and the obesity epidemic. It suggests that banning cars around schools would instil good habits early on and call for "concerted action". In addition to the exclusion zones for schools, the report also called for the government to invest heavily in making Britain's streets more attractive to walk in.

We walk quite a bit and our three year old who was evicted from the pushchair by his baby brother a year ago!) can currently walk for about half an hour whereas others we know would still need a pushchair / buggyboard. Walking in our city isn't particularly pleasant or child friendly though as we have to walk along narrow pavements trying avoid parked cars, broken glass and dog poo - so anything to improve the attractiveness of the streets would be great.

I also found it interesting to read this report as we are currently looking for a new house and the ability to walk to school is high on our agenda. Having worked in schools I've seen the nightmare of congestion at dropping off and picking up times and I don't want to be part of that!

I wonder whether other parents feel the same? Do you walk to school? Do you think that walking to school affects child obesity?

10 August 2007

Our New Site is Live

We have been working very hard with Alison at Daffodil Design and are pleased to announce that our NEW site is now live.

Take a look at Littlesheep Learning and let us know what you think!

Don't forget our special offers:

Monthly Special
Telling the Time

Sale Items
Crash, Bang, Wallop and Cock-a-doodle Moo (tape versions)

Anyone ordering before 15th August gets a FREE Handhugger pencil Handhugger Pencil

For this weekend only to celebrate our relaunch quote specialday at the checkout to save 5%

09 August 2007

Customer Feedback

It's always nice to receive feedback from satisfied customers, here is an email I received this morning:

"Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with your service. I ordered the Roll n' Write Letters on a Friday afternoon, via the internet, and they turned up Monday morning, via Parcelforce.I have used the product at a previous school, and was so impressed, I have ordered these from my own pocket for my class. It was lovely to also receive a free little book within the package.Thank you again for your superb service."

08 August 2007

Test Results

It's that time of year again when the exam and test results are published and there is the argument about whether standards are improving or failing.

The primary school national test results in England have shown a slight improvement in English, maths and science. Overall in this years 'SATS' taken by 11 year olds, there was a rise of one percentage point.

80% of pupils who reached the expected standard in English; 77% in maths and 88% in science. Again girls have achieved much better results than boys in English - with four in 10 boys still failing to meet the expected level for writing.

The results, based on tests taken by 600,000 pupils, continue the picture of gradual improvement - with little change in the past three years and the targets set for 2006 for English and maths, have still not been reached.

Schools Minister Andrew Adonis welcomed the "best set of Key Stage 2 results we have ever seen", but added "We won't be satisfied until we get all children up to the expected level in literacy and numeracy." With the 85% target missed for two years in a row, he said discussions were on-going about where the government "went next with targets". From September, there will be a renewed emphasis on using phonics to teach reading and more mental arithmetic "to accelerate the pace of learning".

06 August 2007

Harry Potter Magical Activities

With the release of both the Harry Potter book and film in the last few weeks children everywhere have gone Harry Potter crazy. As it’s the school holidays, children may be reluctant to practice ‘school’ skills so here are some magical activity ideas that help your children practice the important skills of writing, spelling, and reading without realising it.

Write out your Potions Spells
Have you been paying attention in potions - does making up fancy potions appeal to you? Roll paper into scrolls and write out spells using ink pens, some children may like use quills / fountain pens to practice calligraphy, for others just starting to write use a beginners
ink pen.

Mix up Potions
Make your very own potion cocktails by mixing up your favourite fruit juices - our favourite is orange and pineapple. You can use measuring cups to practice measuring and counting skills.

Or practice colour mixing by making potions using water coloured with food colourings.

Magical Secret Writing
Put some lemon juice into a cup and write a secret message by painting with the juice onto paper. When the writing is dry it will vanish until it is gently warmed over a radiator, by a lamp or with a hair drier.

Or write your secret message with a white wax crayon / candle. To discover the message paint over with water based ink and the message will appear.

Secret Codes
You don't need to study ancient runes like Hermione to be able to write in codes, make up your own secret codes.

The easiest secret codes are replacing letters with numbers so a=1, b=2, c=3 etc or moving the whole alphabet on a letter so that a=b, b=c, c=d etc or you could reverse the alphabet so a=z, b=y, c=x etc.

Or you could make up your own 'rune' symbols for each letter.

Magical Creatures
Invent your own magical creatures; take a strip of paper and fold it into three segments. Draw a head on the first segment and fold it over so that it is hidden, swap it with a friend and then draw a body, swap again and add legs. Can you think of some names for your new creatures.

Magical Model Making
Use old cardboard boxes to make a model of Hogwarts Castle or the Hogwarts Express.

Being a Hogwart's Student
Lastly, don't forget to dress up as a witch or wizard.

Go for a walk and find a wand that 'chooses' you, will you find a stick from an oak tree, a willow tree or something else. Have fun identifying the trees on your walk. Practice your 'swish and flick' techniques for good gross motor movement.

04 August 2007

Things to do on a Sunny Day

In order to balance the rainy day post from the other day I thought I'd post some of our favourite sunny day activities as we've now had some nice sunny days.

  1. Water painting - fill a bucket with water, provide your children with large paint brushes and get them to paint the outside of the house / the garden wall or fence.
  2. Make ice lollies - put some fruit juice into lolly molds and freeze - make rainbow lollies by using different colour juices (for example cranberry and orange) pouring in a small amount and freezing before topping up with the next colour or pop some fruit pieces in with your juice to make a 'spotty' lolly.
  3. Play with shadows - what shapes can your hands make? can you run away from your shadow? or even make your shadow hide in other shadows?
  4. Go for a nature walk - what can you spot? Can you find dandelions, daisies, butterflies or ladybirds?
  5. Have a picnic - you don't have to go far, a nearby park or even the garden is just as exciting for children.
  6. Go to the park - children love climbing, sliding and swinging, ask around to find out the best ones. In the past we've had fun at Diana Princess of Wales' Memorial Playground and more recently we spent a fantastic day at Bewilderwood - Please let us know of your favourite play areas.
  7. Do some 'gardening' - dig for worms, make mud pies or even plant some seeds!
  8. Spend time doing inside activities but outside! Share a book or a jigsaw under the shade of a tree for some quiet time.
  9. Painting - put big sheets of paper on the ground outside and have lots of fun - it doesn't matter how much mess is made as you can always wash your children off outside!
  10. Splash around in a paddling pool

Don't forget when spending time outside - to keep covered up, use suncream, wear sunhats and sunglasses, take care in or near water and make sure you have plenty to drink.

01 August 2007

August's Monthly Special

This month's special offer is Telling the Time - reduced to £3.34 (a saving of 33%). Hurry and get your copy now as the offer is only available whilst stocks last.

Customers who have reviewed this book have given it the maximum of 5 stars and left these comments:

"Lovely and visual book for teaching the time. This book is good as the clock is interactive allowing the child to turn the clock to the time stated in the story. The story is lovely about a life on a farm - bliss!"

"Great book for starting to learn to tell the time and to see the different times things happen during the day. Especially that bedtime is at 7pm even if it is still light outside!"