28 January 2009

Operation Play Time - Kitchen Grocery Store

Today in Operation Playtime it is time to play shops.

We actually had a 'toy shop' and had to borrow the money from our new
Pop to the Shops game as we've only just started introducing our children into learning about money. Usually the boys use a 'demo' credit card for their shopping! We had a 'till' which was the plastic tool box and lots of reuasable shopping bags!


Melitsa said...

That magnetic money chart looks very handy to remember the values of money. No bailout from you then? lol
Thanks for participating.

Elaine, Littlesheep Learning said...

That magnetic money chart is great - I'm sorely tempted by it, maybe next year when the EO is really ready for money skills. Nope - no bailouts yet... he knows that he has to save pennies for things but that's about as far as we've got!