17 August 2010

Obstacle Courses

Hooray, we've had a sunny day! We finally got to play in the garden and it was fun watching the boys play - they set themselves up an obstacle course... they had to go up the rock wall, down the slide, run along the decking, climb onto the grass and kick a ball.

The great thing about obstacle courses is that they are great for helping children develop their gross motor skills and improve sports skills. Some children like the addition of a stopwatch to keep track of their course times, others want to have a race with their friends whilst others would rather just go through the course for fun. It doesn't really matter which type of child you have they will still be getting active and improving their skills.

The list of possible obstacles in an obstacle course is endless - obviously some will be more suited to your individual child than others so choose these (and feel free to add any more ideas in the comments).

  • crawl through a pop-up tunnel
  • jump from stepping stone to stepping stone (paper / mats / hoops)
  • do star jumps
  • ride a bike / scooter / ride on
  • throw bean bags / balls into a box
  • throw hoops onto a hoopla
  • run in and out of cones
  • walk backwards for ten steps
  • hit a ball with a tennis racket
  • kick a football in a goal
  • walk along a “tightrope” (a skipping rope placed on the floor or a chalked line on the patio - the line can be wiggly too!)
  • stand on one foot
  • go down a slide
  • shoot with a basket ball
  • dribble a football between cones
  • jump over a line / small box / hurdle
  • complete a stage from a crazy golf kit
  • fire a “stamp on” foam rocket
  • walk on stilts
  • dribble a hockey ball through a slalom
  • shoot a hockey goal
  • bounce on a trampoline
  • skip with a rope
  • walk balancing a beanbag on head
  • hoola with a hoola-hoop
  • climb part of a climbing frame
  • jump off a box
  • walk heel-to-toe in a straight line
  • build a sandcastle
  • squirt water with a water pistol
  • hop
  • do a forward roll

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