23 August 2010

August Business Mums Blog Carnival

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I am so excited to be hosting the Business Mums Blog Carnival - my first ever time of hosting a carnival. As my business is education based the submissions have been split into lessons... so prepare to go back to school! I hope that you will enjoy reading this post and the ones that have been submitted.

First of all - we all need inspirational teachers - those people who inspire us... Kate at Mum's The Word shares
three very different examples of business success. Who has inspired you?

In lesson time:

Literacy - Helen from Business Plus Baby explains:
What I've Learned About Writing Books and Antonia from Family Friendly Working wants you to write your story.

Numeracy - Alli (Motivating Mum) looks at the value of money in her post
My husband my detractor and Becky at Baby Budgeting looks into buying a family friendly franchise.

ICT - a lesson from Joanne Dewberry about
fan pages.

Music - Karen from Learning Made Fun tells us about the 1st musical mini.

Citizenship - MidwifeValerie explains how to campaign to save independent midwifery.

PSE - Heather (The Efficiency Coach) talks about self-confidence in her post the-dreaded-c-word-how-the-lack-of-it-can-sabotage-your-business-efforts/

For playtime, Sam and Helen from Mums the Boss ask
How free should our children be? and Nomita at ebabeelikes reviews the Cachatou Maggy a bright and colouful shape sorter.

In assembly teachers share the best work - Antonia tells us about Family Vie where you can share the best work you find, also most schools have some sort of prize giving, star of the week - the world of business mums isn't without its awards - check out the post from TJ at Support4Women: Awards - Are they Worth it?

Not forgetting babies... Antonia and Karen at Kiddibase share their top ten baby activities.

If you read a post that you find interesting, amusing, informs or inspires you, then please leave a comment for the author – bloggers love comments (and please let me know if you think I have passed or failed!).

You can find the 2010 Blog Carnival schedule by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Well done Elaine - some lovely blogs here to check out and thanks muchly for including KiddieBase!

Helen @ Business Plus Baby said...

Love the curriculum theme! Thanks for hosting the carnival :0)

Anonymous said...

Very well done and many thanks for mentioning ebabeelikes.

Kate said...

Elaine glad to have found you on twitter and to be able to leave a comment. I really enjoyed the way you themed the carnival - highly imaginative. Also very honoured to be first on the list. Keep up the good work ;-)

Elaine, Littlesheep Learning said...

Thanks everyone for the kind comments... don't forget to follow the link and submit your posts for next months carnival!