19 August 2010


As I was viewing the photos on my camera I came across one of the stone face that the six year old had made at Beavers...

and this made me think about how this idea could be adapted to create a craft activity to help children learn about emotions.
First of all you need a collection of pebbles or stones, then things to decorate them with - as you can see this one uses googly eyes, wool and a bit of pipecleaner but you can use whatever you want - if you wanted you could just use paint or a marker pen to draw on the pebble.
Then make a collection of different faces; happy, sad, scared, surprised, angry - talk about the emotion, what makes people feel that way, or act out scenarios with your pebble people. You could also make an identification game by putting the pebbles in a bag and picking one out - or a matching game matching the pebble to a picture of someone showing an emotion or a scenario.
You can find a range of resources to help children learn about emotions at Littlesheep Learning.

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maggy, red ted art said...

Oh! What a great idea to use the pebble people to speak about emotions! Love it!

Will have to do that next with RedTed (we have done it a little in the past, but I think revisiting isn't a bad idea!)

Thanks for the top tip!!!

Our pebble people: http://redtedart.wordpress.com/2010/08/25/kids-craft-the-red-book-beaches-painted-stones/