30 August 2010


This week in the Gallery, Tara asked gave us the theme: One Day in August - not any day in August but more specifically Sunday 29th August... it could be a photo of anything just it had to be taken on that day. The reason for this challenge is that on that Sunday threee UK parenting bloggers Josie, Sian and Eva flew to Bangladesh for a week to help raise awareness of the work Save the Children is doing with mothers and children there. 

So my photo:

This was taken as I took my eldest to Beaver camp for the first time. It was the first time he has been away from home staying with people who are not family (he wasn't a bit phased) and the first time he had responsibility for organising his own belongings for a whole 24hours! So I left him (in his uniform) with his bag of clothes and his pillow, sleeping bag and mat (and teddy). He now has to organise the independent living skills or self-help skills as they are called for himself; he needs to dress (buttons, zips and velcro - I wasn't mean enough to make him learn to tie his laces!) himself, he needs to brush his teeth, wash himself (ok so I am not entirely sure little boys at Beaver camp do that!), comb his hair and of course I am hoping he eats using his cutlery!

Anyway, I have written about dressing skills before and maybe I should teach him to tie his shoelaces sometime soon.

On Wednesday take a look at the Gallery and see the other posts and photos we will all have taken part in one giant Blip for that day - a journal for a Sunday in August.


mother of purl said...

oh he looks such a big boy- you are brave letting him veture out on his own! Hope he had a super time x

Elaine, Littlesheep Learning said...

Thanks for the comment - he had a FANTASTIC time and was very tired afterwards (the toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and flannel had not been touched!)... almost makes me want to be a leader again so I get to join in!

Anonymous said...

Oh that almost made me cry. I am in complete denial about the fact that my baby is growing up. Well done to you for letting him have this experience. Brilliant post and great photo.

Fiona Erlandsen said...

oh so cute, gosh it's so much harder for us than them.

Notes to self plus two said...

pondering the outdoors - love it x