30 April 2007


Do you use libraries with your children?

A recent survey of children in Wales (see report
here) has shown that many children do not know how public libraries work or what they are for. The National Marketing Strategy survey for libraries in Wales found many children believed they had to pay to borrow books and when asked how they would sell libraries many primary and secondary pupils told researchers they would try a "buy one get one free" offer! Maybe these children are more used to spending time renting videos / DVDs and computer games from commercial stores and have never been inside a public library?

Libraries offer books on a whole host of subjects, including books on tape, in large print and in community languages. Mobile library services even bring the service to your doorstep. Libraries also provide music libraries, newspapers, magazines, reading groups, children's activities and other community information and events. Many libraries also offer CDs, DVDs and other items are also available for loan (sometimes for a small charge) and free computer / internet access. Joining public libraries is free and easy to do - in most cases you just need proof of name and address. You may even be able to collect your Bookstart packs from your library too.

So get using our public libraries and explain to children in your care how they work.

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