23 April 2007

Incidental Learning

Oh dear, I haven't written a blog post for ages - we had the Easter holidays and the weather has been so good we've been out and about enjoying the sunshine. New things at Littlesheep Learning are few and far between too as we've been so busy having fun!

As we've been out and about our children have been learning so I thought I would post some of the incidental learning that we've had going on.

  • looking at street name signs when out for walks - an excellent resource for learning capital letters
  • painting with water on the wall - great for upper body gross motor development / practicing writing / science of wet and dry
  • playing with objects in water - which ones sink and which ones float
  • playing making shadows - great for fun fine motor imitation practice
  • making and melting ice cubes - the science of water properties
  • growing beans
  • cooking - measuring good for maths, stirring / rolling / shaping good for fine motor development
  • labelling colours of cars when out for walks - easy method of checking colours
  • looking for minibeasts - we found ladybirds, spiders, beetles, snails, slugs, ants and worms

Let me know your incidental learning activities and I'll add them to the list!

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