23 March 2009

Worm Week

Did you know that this week (23rd-29th March 2009) is Worm Week?

Organised by the charity Buglife - The Invertebrate Conservation Trust, Worm Week is a great way to get children interested in nature. Most children could identify a ‘worm’ but would not necessarily know much about them – what they eat, how they live, how they produce young and why they are important to humans and other animals.

Earthworms play a crucial role in the production of our food. They live underground in the soil, feeding on decaying materials and turning them into fertile soil which is perfect for growing healthy crops and plants. Worms also play a vital role in the food chain providing food for lots of other animals such as birds and hedgehogs.
Buglife has produced a number of worm resources - check out worm craft activities, Teaching Resources - Worksheet 1- Body Parts of an Earthworm, Worksheet 2 - Life Cycle of an Earthworm, Worksheet 3 - Earthworm in a Food Chain, Worksheet 4 - Worm Charming Investigation Recording Sheet (plus a Earthworm Factsheet containing the answers!).

Do let us know about the fun you've had finding the worms in your garden!

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