21 March 2009

We’re Number 79 - British Mummy Bloggers Top 100 Revealed

Talking Tots has published the Tots100 index of top British Parent bloggers, and we're celebrating that Littlesheep Learning is included at number 79.

In 2008, for the first time, research revealed that women aged 24-35 now spend more time online than men. “Being a Mum can be isolating sometimes, but blogging provides the perfect way to reach out to other parents going through similar experiences,” says Tracey Park, co-founder of Talking Tots. “For many parents, blogs provide a safe, supportive place where they can have a laugh, support each other, and share ideas about raising their families.

”For some women, blogging has provided a stepping stone into a new career - Tots100 blogs such as Wife in the North and Petite Anglaise have been turned into best-selling novels. Other blogs publish product reviews, raise awareness of disabilities or just provide an insight into modern family life.

“The Tots100 is a real mixed bag, but what the index does show is that Mummy bloggers are growing in influence and number,” says Park.“We hope the index makes it easier for parents to discover great blogs, and perhaps inspires even more Mums and Dads to start blogging themselves.”

Top 10 British Mummy Blogs
1. Petite Anglaise
2. Wife in the North
3. Jo Beaufoix
4. Alpha Mummy
5. My Boyfriend is a Tw@t
6. Crystal Jigsaw
7. Babyccino
8. A Modern Mother
9. Single Parent Dad
10. Notes from Inside my Head

The complete Tots100 index is available online at the Talking Tots blog.

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