08 August 2007

Test Results

It's that time of year again when the exam and test results are published and there is the argument about whether standards are improving or failing.

The primary school national test results in England have shown a slight improvement in English, maths and science. Overall in this years 'SATS' taken by 11 year olds, there was a rise of one percentage point.

80% of pupils who reached the expected standard in English; 77% in maths and 88% in science. Again girls have achieved much better results than boys in English - with four in 10 boys still failing to meet the expected level for writing.

The results, based on tests taken by 600,000 pupils, continue the picture of gradual improvement - with little change in the past three years and the targets set for 2006 for English and maths, have still not been reached.

Schools Minister Andrew Adonis welcomed the "best set of Key Stage 2 results we have ever seen", but added "We won't be satisfied until we get all children up to the expected level in literacy and numeracy." With the 85% target missed for two years in a row, he said discussions were on-going about where the government "went next with targets". From September, there will be a renewed emphasis on using phonics to teach reading and more mental arithmetic "to accelerate the pace of learning".

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