22 August 2007

Eight Random Things about Littlesheep Learning

I've never been 'tagged' on my blog before but Melitsa tagged me today to share 8 random things about myself / Littlesheep Learning. I've been meaning to mention Melitsa's site Play Activities and blog for a while - both are packed full of FREE activity ideas for you to play with your children.

Anyway eight random things...

  1. I like numbers / cool dates so Littlesheep Learning was launched on 05.05.05, the revamp was planned for 07.07.07 and launched on 09.08.07!
  2. Littlesheep is one word - and it really annoys me when people (mainly suppliers) correct it for me - the alliteration doesn't work otherwise.
  3. I'm a planner so it takes me ages to make a decision / get anything done.
  4. I like bright RAINBOW colours.
  5. I never thought that I would be running my own business - Littlesheep Learning is definitely mine though!
  6. I studied Occupational Therapy but should done teacher training as I've spent more time teaching!
  7. I have some great (and inspirational work at home mum (WAHM) friends running a huge range of different businesses.
  8. My favourite products are the colour and shape bean bags

Now I just need to find some people to tag...

Anyone else reading this who blogs feel free to be tagged too!

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