06 August 2007

Harry Potter Magical Activities

With the release of both the Harry Potter book and film in the last few weeks children everywhere have gone Harry Potter crazy. As it’s the school holidays, children may be reluctant to practice ‘school’ skills so here are some magical activity ideas that help your children practice the important skills of writing, spelling, and reading without realising it.

Write out your Potions Spells
Have you been paying attention in potions - does making up fancy potions appeal to you? Roll paper into scrolls and write out spells using ink pens, some children may like use quills / fountain pens to practice calligraphy, for others just starting to write use a beginners
ink pen.

Mix up Potions
Make your very own potion cocktails by mixing up your favourite fruit juices - our favourite is orange and pineapple. You can use measuring cups to practice measuring and counting skills.

Or practice colour mixing by making potions using water coloured with food colourings.

Magical Secret Writing
Put some lemon juice into a cup and write a secret message by painting with the juice onto paper. When the writing is dry it will vanish until it is gently warmed over a radiator, by a lamp or with a hair drier.

Or write your secret message with a white wax crayon / candle. To discover the message paint over with water based ink and the message will appear.

Secret Codes
You don't need to study ancient runes like Hermione to be able to write in codes, make up your own secret codes.

The easiest secret codes are replacing letters with numbers so a=1, b=2, c=3 etc or moving the whole alphabet on a letter so that a=b, b=c, c=d etc or you could reverse the alphabet so a=z, b=y, c=x etc.

Or you could make up your own 'rune' symbols for each letter.

Magical Creatures
Invent your own magical creatures; take a strip of paper and fold it into three segments. Draw a head on the first segment and fold it over so that it is hidden, swap it with a friend and then draw a body, swap again and add legs. Can you think of some names for your new creatures.

Magical Model Making
Use old cardboard boxes to make a model of Hogwarts Castle or the Hogwarts Express.

Being a Hogwart's Student
Lastly, don't forget to dress up as a witch or wizard.

Go for a walk and find a wand that 'chooses' you, will you find a stick from an oak tree, a willow tree or something else. Have fun identifying the trees on your walk. Practice your 'swish and flick' techniques for good gross motor movement.

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