24 August 2009

Starting School

It's that time of year again when talk on education / parenting blogs turns to the issue of starting school or going back to school - we've written here in the past about planning for starting school / class transitions.

So what are our top tips for preparing for school?
  • Encourage your child to speak clearly and ask for what is needed, using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’
  • Check they can go to the toilet alone and flush the toilet
  • Get them to answer the question "what is your name?"
  • Practice tidying up toys after use and sharing things and taking turns
  • Leave them in the care of others for a few hours
  • Make sure they answer questions with words rather than shrugs and nods
  • Practice doing up and undoing fastenings on clothes (buttons etc.)
  • Check they can open their lunch box / unwrap food or use cutlery
  • Share lots of stories - get them to sit and listen to a story and encourage them to handle and enjoy books
  • Start to get them to hold a pencil / crayon and do 'mark making'
  • Encourage your child to know the names of lots of everyday items and understand their uses
  • Talk to your child whilst things are happening and encourage your children to ask questions
  • Tell stories about what you enjoyed at school and the fun things you did.
  • Use colouring activities like these printable school colouring pictures on Netmums to encourage your child to start thinking about school.
  • Build a school with your child from cardboard boxes or play-bricks, and role play schools (or get them to teach their teddies)
  • Read some books about starting school, including Topsy and Tim Start School, Starting School, First Experiences: Going to School, Do I have to Go to School? and (the ever popular Charlie and Lola) I Am Too Absolutely Small for School
  • Walk or drive to school together so your child gets to know the route (note how long it takes so you leave in plenty of time on the first day!)

Is your child starting school this year? Please comment and tell us about your experiences.


LisaTalkingTots said...

Great post ... lots of really good tips!
LisaTalkingTots :)

melitsa said...

I like this list. Thanks for sharing