25 August 2009

Going to the Dentist

We've just had a family trip to the dentist so I thought a post about preparing children for 'going to the dentist' would be a good idea.

So - how do you prepare your child for visiting the dentist? Here are our top dos and don'ts

  • make the trip enjoyable
  • let the child bring a favourite toy along to show the dentist / hold in the chair
  • show by example, brush your teeth daily at the same time as your child
  • play at dentists, show your child how the dentist will examine their teeth and then allow them to do the same to you
  • read children's books about the dentist for example, Going to the Dentist the story of a brother and sister who go to the dentist which explains most things that happen at the dental surgery
  • watch DVDs about Dentists for example People Who Help Us 2 in which you can see Amy have a check up and look after her teeth at home, join Amy as she becomes a dentist for the day at the surgery, follow Amy as she explores the dental hospital and watch children role playing dentists in school
  • always answer truthfully any questions your child may have about the dentist
  • encourage your children to role play being a dentist using their dolls / teddies or other soft toys as patients - you could use this glove puppet as a dentist


  • allow your child to hear any negative dental stories from other people
  • use the dentist as a threat or punishment, but also do not use bribes in order for the visit to happen
  • use words that may instil fear in your child such as needle, pain or hurt

Our trip wasn't too bad (the baby didn't open his mouth though!) how did your last trip to the dentist go?

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kateab said...

Matthew loves the dentist and finds it really cool the dentist gives him sunglasses to put on. Alexandra likes the dentist but doesn't like the moving chair - she jumped off it as soon as it started moving. The dentist had to move it back and let her climb on without raising it up!