21 May 2009

Thinking Thursday - Emergent Literacy

I've been following a lot of new blogs recently and I thought I'd share some posts that I've enjoyed and think that others might find useful.

This post is about a selection of posts at Because Babies Grow Up on Emergent Literacy. These posts give lots of information and ideas about how to encourage and motivate little ones in their literacy development.

Emergent Literacy #1: Print Motivation
Emergent Literacy #2: Print Awareness
Emergent Literacy #3: Letter Knowledge
Emergent Literacy #4: Vocabulary
Emergent Literacy #5: Phonological Awareness
Emergent Literacy #6: Narrative Skills

Do take a look, let us know what you think and don't forget that you can find more literacy activity ideas on this blog get lots of resources to support literacy development are available at Littlesheep Learning.

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