03 May 2009

10 in the Bed

There were ten in the bed and the little one said - roll over, roll over, so they all rolled over and one fell out...

This is one of our family's favourite rhymes, it's great fun to sing it when we are all in the bed together as a family on the weekend mornings to 'roll over' and make Daddy fall out.

This lovely Ten in the Bed book illustrating the song is published by Child's Play is bright and colourful and features ten children snuggled in bed. The book includes a cardboard wheel for the reader to turn at every page to tip one child at a time out of bed which is a great visual aid to show children the concept of taking one away each time.

Another brilliant visual prompt for this song are these lovely 10 in the Bed Song Mitts. Designed to fit an adult’s hand, song teaching mitts are perfect for using with young children and will provide hours of fun. This pair of glove puppets come with a song card in case you need help with the words and will help children join in the rhyme and learn counting skills.

Grandma bought the boys Penny Dale's book Ten in the Bed and it has quickly become a firm favourite. This lovely adaptation features 'the little one' and his soft toys all squashed into bed (sound familiar?). One by one, nine friends roll over and fall out of his bed with a bang, a thump, or a plop until... "I’m cold! I miss you!" the boy says, and back in the bed they all go and snuggle down to sleep. This book has lovely colourful illustrations with lots of detail and things to spot.

Other activities to go with this song:
  • talk about bedtime, what you need, what happens
  • sequence a set of 'bedtime routine' photos / pictures
  • match together things in the bedtime routine - milk and biscuit, pyjama top and trousers, toothbrush and tooth paste, pillow and duvet
  • sequence the numbers 1-10 (and 10-1)
  • make up a 'bed' on the floor and act out the song

Got any more ideas? please comment on this post and share them wih us.

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