02 April 2009

Autism Awareness Day

The United Nations has declared 2nd April - World Autism Awareness Day, with the aim to increase and develop world knowledge of autism. The day brings together autism organisations all around the world, giving a voice to the millions of individuals worldwide who are undiagnosed, misunderstood and looking for help.

In the UK the autism charities have come together to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day. They are working to persuade UK governments to recognise autism as distinct from other conditions, deserving urgent strategic planning, policy development, and dedicated resource allocation.

They want everyone to STAND UP FOR AUTISM and call upon governments in each of the devolved nations of the UK to take action to ensure:

  • individuals with autism are not unfairly discriminated against and their rights as people with disabilities as well as citizens are promoted;
  • that action is taken to remove barriers to access and address the communication and sensory needs of people with autism – including raising public awareness;
  • the numbers of people with autism are counted to ensure equality of provision of, and access to, services and support;
  • adequate research funds are made available to increase understanding of autism and develop appropriate interventions and support;
  • that resources are made available to support those living with autism and to ensure those working with people with autism are appropriately trained.

For more information:

Autism Alliance UK, Autism Anglia, Autism Cymru, Autism Initiatives UK, Autism London, Autism NI (PAPA) , Autism Speaks, Autism West Midlands, Disabilities Trust, Hampshire Autistic Society, Kingwood, National Autistic Society, PEAT NI, Prior's Court School, Research Autism, The Scottish Society for Autism, Sussex Autistic Community, Treehouse, The Wessex Autism Society, UK Autism Foundation

Please comment and tell me about your children and experiences to help raise awareness.

1 comment:

Chrissie said...

Today is such an important day for parents and carers of autistic children. I often think the media portray autism as the "rainman" approach, that all autistic children are like that, but they aren't. As with people, autism is totally different in each case.

I fully support todays works, and am happy that Swindon's new branch of the National Autistic Society is opening this afternoon.

Chrissie -x-