07 June 2007

Learning Number Names

I was talking to my eldest son yesterday and he pointed out a number 9 - I had no idea he knew the number names (we haven't sat down with the flashcards although he does have a set to play with!). I realised he must have learn them from all the incidental talking about numbers that we do so I thought I'd share some ideas with you - feel free to use the comments function to add yours too.
  1. Look for house numbers
  2. Complete number jigsaws
  3. Play with number bean bags
  4. Play number matching games like number lotto
  5. Identify numbers on car number plates
  6. Ask what number the hands on a clock are pointing to
  7. Look at books with numbers in the story
  8. Colour or decorate number outlines (see our resources page for FREE number colouring books)
  9. Get your child to press the buttons for you in the lift
  10. Identify the numbers on the scales when cooking

Littlesheep Learning has a full range of products to help your children learn numbers, including Rol 'n' Write Numbers, Tactile Sandpaper Numbers, Number Bean Bags and Number Fans

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