08 June 2007


We are celebrating a birthday in our house today and it made me think about how children learn about birthdays and how we can help children with special needs experience the excitement / prepare them for their big day.

Some ideas:
  • share books about birthdays / parties (including the Usborne First Experiences: Going to a Party)
  • use a calendar to count down the days until the birthday / party
  • practice unwrapping presents to teach both the anticipation of 'what is in the present' and the skills needed to tear the paper
  • practice blowing out candles and singing happy birthday
  • think about your child's needs and difficulties when planning a birthday treat, you want them to enjoy it!
  • let your child 'help' with the preparations

1 comment:

Mel said...

"Happy Birthday!"

My little one likes to help put the invites in the envelopes and stick stamps on to send in the post. It helps build his excitement.