22 May 2007

Every Disabled Child Matters (again!)

A key part of the EDCM campaign is raising the profile of disabled children's issues locally. They need your help to make disabled children matter in your local area. They have prepared a new online action that allows you to email a letter to the editor of the local newspapers in your area. This letter highlights their Local Authority Charter, and calls on every local authority to sign up to it.

They need everyone who lives in a local authority that has not yet signed up to take part in this action. The following local authorities HAVE already signed up: Cornwall; Devon; Dudley; Ealing; East Riding of Yorkshire; East Sussex; Enfield; Halton; Hertfordshire; Hull; Islington; Kingston upon Thames; Lambeth, Lincolnshire; Luton; Nottinghamshire; Solihull; Somerset; Southwark; Stockport; Sunderland; Telford and Wrekin; Tower Hamlets; Wokingham. PLEASE TAKE ACTION!

If your own local authority is NOT listed above:
  1. Please take part in our new action, by sending an email to the editor of your local newspapers.
  2. If you have not yet done so, you can also send an email direct to the Councillor with responsibility for children's services, who we want to sign the Charter.

If your own local authority IS listed above and has already signed up:

  1. Download our new supporter briefing which gives ideas on how to help make sure that the Charter commitments are delivered. All of these actions can be taken forward at http://www.edcm.org.uk/la_charter

If you have any questions about this action, or anything about the campaign, get in touch with the campaign team on 020 7843 6318 or at info@edcm.org.uk

For more information see: http://www.edcm.org.uk

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