01 October 2010

Today's Target: Spelling High Frequency Words

We have now managed to read the high frequency words and we have moved on to learning to spell them... here are ten ways we tried with varying levels of popularity / success.
  1. Traditional spelling test - me reading the word, him writing it down on paper
  2. Using magnetic letters
  3. Copying the words, saying each letter as he wrote it
  4. Typing spelling test - as above but typing the answer on the computer
  5. Writing silly sentences of target words
  6. The look, cover, write, check method (more about this method on another post but we found also found some games online - have a search)
  7. Backwards spelling - I said the letters and he had to work out what the word was
  8. Using the letters from Pass the Word
  9. Oral quizzes - "how do you spell..." This was great when driving or waiting for appointments
  10. Correcting my spelling (for words I knew he knew - not good for learning!)

1 comment:

Dan said...

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