17 September 2010

Today's Target: Reading High Frequency Key Words

Over the last week we have continued to work our way through the learning to read high frequency words... here are the top five ways we have practiced reading them:
  1. Reading books together and seeing which ones we can spot
  2. Matching pairs (using two sets of word flashcards - read as you turn over)
  3. Find the word (we printed a sheet with them on in a wall arrangement and coloured the bricks)
  4. Fishing (a paper clip added to the word flashcard and a magnet on a string for a rod) - read the word when you pull it out)
  5. Quick reading lists - list ten-twenty of the words in a list, how fast can you read them all correctly
How have you been practicing these words?

We have started learning to spell them too - look out for a post on that next week!

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