29 July 2010

Bottle Bugs

We have been to an art workshop - making minibeasts from plastic bottles... here are our creations:

The six year olds 'bee' all his own design - some help with the sticky tape!

The four year olds 'bee' (copying his brother's - except they ran out of black tape so his has strips of paper coloured black)

The two year old's "bottle-fly"

I am sure that you get the gist... get an empty plastic bottle and decorate it into a bug.

Things you could use:
  • tape (different coloured electical tape works well or masking tape means they can add details using crayons or pens)
  • fabric
  • ribbon
  • paper (tissue paper or cellophane makes good wings, wrapping paper scraps to cover the bottle makes it very colourful, sugar paper makes a good base for butterfly wings)
  • pipecleaners (antennae and legs)
  • straws
  • 'googly' eyes
  • pompoms
  • feathers

Make a real minibeast or an imaginary bug; maybe make lots and host an ugly bug ball or join in the creepy crawly calypso... but most of all have fun.

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