04 January 2010

Money Lessons for Children

I was just reading this article about how primary school children are going to be given lessons on managing debt from next year. Ed Balls, the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families has disclosed details of the new programme, which starts with lessons on how to save money in a piggy bank and continues through primary school with lessons about current and savings accounts and how to budget.

Littlesheep Learning we have several products to help teach children about money. The Magnetic Money Chart, Money Snap, Pop to the Shops and Piggy in the Middle, all help children learn to start to learn the value of coins, money 'sums' and budgeting in a fun way.


Claire said...

I think those games are great - we have Piggy and Pop to the Shops.

DS1 has just started getting regular pocket money (which I really must remember to give him) and is saving up for a DS. He's 5. He wants to make a chart so he can see how much he has saved. I think money lessons are a great idea!

It's a Mummys Life said...

My toddler who is 2 and 2 months, insists on sleeping with her piggy bank - bit worrying at her tender age!!