25 February 2009

Press Release: Beanbag Fun to Learn Colours and Shapes

Issued Date: 24th February 2009 For Immediate Release

Beanbag Fun to Learn Colours and Shapes

Learning Colours and Shapes is an essential part of a preschoolers learning as part of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

These sets of Colour and Shape Beanie Bags are a toy that makes learning fun. Children love the bright colourful bean bags which at about ten centimetres in size are ideal for small hands to manipulate and parents love the fact that they come in a drawstring cloth bag for easy storage. Previous customers have commented on the play value, longevity and quality of these items and their ability to withstand mucky fingers!

Some ideas to help children learn shapes and colours using the beanie bags:

  1. Put the bean bags in their storage bags and take turns to take one out and identify it
  2. Spread the bean bags out and see who can find a specified one first
  3. Match the bean bags to the same shape or colour flashcards or objects
  4. Identify colours or shapes by practicing throwing and catching - throw me the red one or catch the square one
Toys and resources to help teach colours, shapes, letters and numbers are available at Littlesheep Learning http://www.littlesheep-learning.co.uk/.

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