11 September 2008

New Product: Magnetic Money Chart

We've just taken delivery of the first of our new products ordered at the Autumn Fair - this includes the Magnetic Money Chart.

The Magnetic Money Chart is a fantastic resource to help children learn about money. The set contains a printed chart, 20 coin magnets, 6 note magnets and 1 wipe clean pen.

You can use the wipe clean pen to write a sum of money in the small blank box and ask your child to use the money magnets to get to this amount. See if they can make the same amount in different ways! Or do the reverse activity - you put out the money magnets and ask your child to work out how much money is there.

For children just starting to learn about money the coin and note magnets can also be used for basic money recognition as well as matching to the value space.

Check out
Littlesheep Learning for this and other Money teaching resources.

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