02 June 2008

Down Syndrome Awareness Week

This week (2nd-8th June 2008) is Down's Syndrome Awareness Week, organised by the Down's Syndrome Association.

Awareness Week this year will focus on empowering families and carers of people with Down's syndrome by providing them with knowledge about their rights so that they may demand appropriate services and treatment. The Down's Syndrome Association are producing an easy-to-read guide about the Human Rights Act and how to use it. We will also be asking our members to find out whether their local authority is paying sufficient attention to the Disability Equality Duty and the Human Rights Act.

Every year Awareness Week gives all our wonderful members and supporters the opportunity to stand-up and shout-out about Down’s syndrome and the Association. It is the perfect chance to raise awareness of the work of the DSA and to champion the rights of people with Down’s syndrome.

This video clip was put together especially for this week by Stepping Stones Down Syndrome Support Group, I'm sure you will agree the children are all gorgeous.

To celebrate this week the code DSAW08 will save you 10% at Littlesheep Learning (offer ends 9th June).

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