15 February 2008

National Year of Reading

Did you know that 2008 is the National Year of Reading?

The National Year of Reading (NYR) is a year-long celebration of reading, in all its forms. It aims to help build a greater national passion for reading in England – for children, families and adult learners alike.

The NYR is being managed by a group of organisations committed to promoting reading, led by the National Literacy Trust and The Reading Agency, and on behalf of the DCSF.

If you haven't planned any events for your toddler group / preschool / nursery / school then don't worry - January to March in the National Year of Reading is the challenge period for organisations to decide what their activities throughout the year will be. Then April to December sees the public phase of the campaign and the monthly themes - look out for more details after the launch. Some things are already planned - check out the What's On pages to see anything happening near you.

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