06 November 2007

Road Safety Week

This week (5th-11th November 2007) is Road Safety Week. The theme of Road Safety Week 2007 is child pedestrian and cyclist safety. Brake will be urging drivers to slow down around schools and homes and calling for measures to help protect children on foot and bikes.

Some things to remember to keep children safe when out walking...
  • Hold your child's hand / keep them close by you - young children are often unpredictable and could easily run into the road
  • Always talk to your child about finding a safe place to cross and use pedestrian crossings when they are available
  • Make sure you STOP, LOOK and LISTEN before crossing the road - wait until there are no cars coming
  • If going out after dark - wear light or reflective clothing
For more resources - check out the resources for parents here and the resources for 3-10 year olds here. Resources for other groups are also available.

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