12 February 2007

Chatter Matters

I recently wrote about the Chatterbox Challenge which took place last week, I've just found out that 'I CAN' have launched Chatter Matters a DVD and poster set as part of their Make Chatter Matter campaign to help children with speech and language difficulties.

The DVD and posters inside explain how you can give children a great start in life by helping them grow into good communicators, by using everyday activities - from changing nappies and family mealtimes to shopping and getting ready for bed as opportunities for playing and talking together. Presented by Dr Tanya Byron (House of Tiny Tearaways, Little Angels ) the DVD offers dozens of brilliant ideas to help you develop your child's speaking and listening skills throughout their pre-school years. The pack also comes with a series of colourful mini-posters that help you to check the progress of your child's communication development. For your wall or fridge, they are packed with helpful tips. Produced in association with I CAN, the children's communication charity.

Parents can order a DVD and posters as a parent for just 49p postage,
here. I hope this is useful for someone - let me know what you think of it!

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