18 August 2006

Gross Motor Skills Development

Gross motor skills are larger movements involving the arm, leg, or feet muscles or the entire body, actions like crawling, walking, running, and jumping are gross motor skills

Gross Motor Skills Milestones

By six months
Holds head steady

Rolls over both ways
Pushes up with arms while on tummy
Sits briefly independently

By one year:
Sits confidently
Crawls forward
Pulls to stand while holding on
Cruises along furniture
Stands unsupported
Walks with hands held

By eighteen months:
Walks alone
Climbs stairs
Squats to play
Stoops and recovers
Tries to kick balls
Climbs on furniture
Pulls toy while walking

By two years
Walks backwards
Picks up toys from floor without falling
Seats self in child size chair
Walks up and down stairs with hand held
Moves to music
Jumps in place/off a step
Kicks a stationary ball
Walks up stairs independently
Throws a ball overhand
Propels “ride-on” toys forward

By three years
Runs forward
Jumps in place with two feet together
Walks on tiptoe
Kicks a ball forward
Throws overhand at a target
Catches a rolled ball
Rides a tricycle using pedals

By four years
Runs around obstacles
Walks on a line
Pushes, pulls, steers wheeled toys
Uses slide independently
Jumps over 15cm high object and lands on both feet together
Throws ball overhand
Catches large ball from 1.5m
Balances on one foot for five to ten seconds
Hops on one foot two or more times

By five years
Bounces and catches a ball
Throws a ball in the air and catches
Balance on one foot for five seconds
Walks on a line heel to toe
Jumps forward ten times without falling
Walks up and down stair independently, alternating feet
Does forward rolls

By six years
Runs lightly on toes
Walks on balance beam
Hops for 2m

Skips on alternate feet
Skip with a skipping rope
Kicks a rolling ball
Rides a bicycle
Dribbles a ball
Throws a ball with good accura

This information is a general guide, please keep in mind that each child is unique and develops skills at their own rate. If you are concerned about your child's development, please ask your health visitor, doctor or child’s teacher for advice.

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